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A) a benefit to human health; <br /> B) a natural setting (e.g. fish and wildlife habitat, forest and vegetation, open space and <br /> areas of important aesthetic or scenic quality); <br /> C) agricultural, social, cultural, historic, archaeological, recreational, or educational <br /> values, or <br /> D) an inherent ecological, geological, or hydrological sensitivity to change which may be <br /> adversely effected by any change; and <br /> WHEREAS, in the event that the Town Board should designate the aforesaid area as a <br /> critical environmental area, the potential impact of any Type I or Unlisted Action on the <br /> environmental characteristics of the CEA is a relevant area of environmental concern and must <br /> be evaluated in the determination of significance prepared pursuant to §617.7 of this Part, and <br /> WHEREAS, in accordance with such rules and regulations of the Department of <br /> Environmental Conservation, prior to designating any area within the Town of Queensbury as a <br /> critical environmental area, a written public notice must be issued and a public hearing held, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT <br /> RESOLVED, that the Queensbury Town Board shall meet and hold a public hearing at <br /> the Queensbury Activities Center, 742 Bay Road, Queensbury, Warren County, New York, on <br /> Monday, November 2"d 2015, at 7:00 p.m., for the purpose of conducting a public hearing to <br /> hear all persons interested in the subject thereof, in person or by way of agent and to entertain <br /> any comments concerning the proposal to designate two (2) areas of marl fen as shown in Figure <br /> 1 of a Memorandum by Greg Edinger of New York Natural Heritage Program, re: Marl Fen at <br /> Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, dated December 3, 2014, and all lands outside those <br />