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4.6 <br /> Critical Enviromnental Area—Marl Fen—Airport—SPH—10-19-15 <br /> RESOLUTION SETTING PUBLIC HEARING DESIGNATING <br /> MARL FENS AND ADJOINING LANDS AT FLOYD BENNETT <br /> MEMORIAL AIRPORT AS CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTAL AREAS <br /> PURSUANT TO §617.14(g) OF RULES AND REGULATIONS OF <br /> NYS DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION <br /> RESOLUTION NO. ,2015 <br /> INTRODUCED BY: <br /> WHO MOVED ITS ADOPTION <br /> SECONDED BY: <br /> WHEREAS, the Queensbury Town Board is authorized to designate specific geographic <br /> areas within the Town of Queensbury as critical environmental areas in accordance with the rules <br /> and regulations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation adopted in <br /> accordance with the authorization and directives of the State Environmental Quality Review Act, <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, two (2) areas of marl fen as shown in Figure 1 of a Memorandum by Greg <br /> Edinger of the New York Natural Heritage Program, re: Marl Fen at Floyd Bennett Memorial <br /> Airport, dated December 3, 2014, and all lands outside those designations and adjacent thereto <br /> within one hundred (100) feet appear to be exceptional and unique character and a critical <br /> environmental area, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Board is considering the designation of such area as a critical <br /> environmental area as the aforesaid area may meet criteria contained in §617.4(g) of the Official <br /> Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York for the Department of <br /> Environmental Conservation as having exceptional or unique character covering one or more of <br /> the following: <br />